Monday, January 23, 2006

Google Pack a load of crap

This is not exactly new. But Paul Thurrott had a really nice write-up about so-called Google Pack - from ...well... Google. This is what he got to say:

"Google Pack is a mixed bag of applications, some useful and some not, though virtually all are deficient in some way as packaged here. I applaud Google for trying to make the PC experience simpler and more secure, but shipping out-of-date security products is even worse than not shipping them at all, because users will get a false sense of security and believe they're protected when in fact they are not. ... It's just a mess."

Dead on.

Paul has been extra generous and gave the pack a 1/5 rating - and we think it actually deserves -1/5. Why? for a company that apprently knows what IS right and how to do things right, this is unforgivable. Ask an analyst the reason he thinks Google's stock price is way over rated he'll say the same: look at the damn "pack" they put together!


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