Friday, April 07, 2006

"Anyone care to see some Kuuul UMPC?"

may it be this:

or this:

or these:

Fujitsu wants you to be impressed - bet you never thought of PC could be this cool and all slick looking. Okay, I get it - so when can we buy these and for how much? idea? Now Fujitsu, you go chill yourself.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Google Pack a load of crap

This is not exactly new. But Paul Thurrott had a really nice write-up about so-called Google Pack - from ...well... Google. This is what he got to say:

"Google Pack is a mixed bag of applications, some useful and some not, though virtually all are deficient in some way as packaged here. I applaud Google for trying to make the PC experience simpler and more secure, but shipping out-of-date security products is even worse than not shipping them at all, because users will get a false sense of security and believe they're protected when in fact they are not. ... It's just a mess."

Dead on.

Paul has been extra generous and gave the pack a 1/5 rating - and we think it actually deserves -1/5. Why? for a company that apprently knows what IS right and how to do things right, this is unforgivable. Ask an analyst the reason he thinks Google's stock price is way over rated he'll say the same: look at the damn "pack" they put together!

OQO Model 02 due out this fall

According to their respective "reliable source", tnkgrl & anthonyb over at reported that OQO model 02 will be due out this Aug/Sep - or - Dec, whichever you want to believe. It's rather interesting to see that, while dudes at OQO has been rather tight-lipped about their double capacity battery, they don't seem mind the info/speculation about model 02 trickling out at the current point of time - after the initial press frenzy of cPC die out at the post-CES era and before cPC's said-to-be March launch time.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Windows Vista BOOT screen on new iMac

kinkadius over @ osx86project showed a progress of attempting loading a copy of Windows Vista Beta on the new intel-chipped iMac. This is by no means a success to install windows onto Macintel but definitely one step forward over ArsTechnica's failed attempt.

PSP Killer coming

Iriver V10 (left), as an american version of the much hyped G10, is reported to be released this year. It's 640x400 screen & gaming capability often leads to the speculation of being a PSP killer. Also adds to the buzz is the Wimax support and a potential 30GB build-in HD.
Honey, I shrunk ...ooops I mean I FATTEN...the iPod!

... ...
All I can say is: Dude, WAT were you thinking?
Engadget mocking China's own 3G standard

...China, what exactly are you good at except your real fake & cheap (or expensive) knockoffs phones that we already have anyways? Now you come out saying that you're just NOT gonna pay up the HUGE $$ to get the 3G license from Qualcomm or the 3G consortium, and developed your own TD-SCDMA 3G spec for the vast 1.3 billion people domestic market? How sneaky!

Hey, very smart for taking that stand and have fun mocking China, folks at Engadget.
FAT OQO Battery spotted in the wild

Love your OQO but the battery just die on you too quick? A thick version is coming as pics were spotted at Flickr and there is ever a trainning slide stated "4~6 operating hours". Bliss.
Homebrew PSP app to charge $7~$15?

Ahh.. PSP Homebrew, many thought it should be all free, many wants it to be all free. And many think you're a freakin' el cheapo if you don't want to pay $7~$15 to get a full version PSIX - an upcoming shell program for PSP which has been hyped for almost a year amongst the very earliest couple PSP homebrew apps. Now it's said to be released on Feb 1st... along with a free "lite" version.
2X faster for the new Macintel, Really?

Macworld didn't think so:

"Unfortunately, our tests suggest that the remarkable results of Apple’s published tests aren’t reflected in most of the real-world applications we tested. Based on our initial tests, the new Core-Duo-based iMac seems to be 10 to 20 percent faster than its predecessor when it comes to native applications, with some select tasks showing improvement above and beyond that."

There you have it. Nice try again on your RDF, Steve.